Our factory is actively communicating with native and foreign producers of raw materials, offering our partnership we are hoping to receive professional attitude and trust into competence of our specialists. The base for the flourishing relations with any supplier or a client is our huge potential and manufacturing capacity plus the high level of professionalism that you will feel.

High level of production, system of automated projecting, and modern high class equipment of the most prominent European companies are the steps of the ladder taking brining us to the best standards of quality.

Such world wide known companies as "Karstadt", "Quelle", "Mode und Preis" are exporting underwear for men and women produced by our factory. Major native selling houses from all over Ukraine and Kiev in particular are also our partners. The number of clients keeps on growing.

Respect, professional attitude, reliability and stable partnership relations - are the basis of high achievements and prosperity of our clients.

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Oko tex certificate is prolonged. Oko Tex Standard - 100.
Jul 14, 2005
Oko tex certificate for the goods, manufactured at our factory is prolonged until the end of the year. Factory is always concerned about certification of it's products. Oko - tex standard 100 - is a worldwide known mark, certifying textile goods, that have undergone inspections for harmful substances.
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