About the factory
JSC Knitting factory Rosa is producing knitted fabrics and goods, artificial fur, sewing goods (clothes for men, women and kids) for more than eighty years. During this time Rosa has earned the reputation of a reliable partner, that is able to compete with foreign manufacturers.

Michael Vaynberg
Head of supervisory board
JSC Knitting factory Rosa was founded in 1922. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest manufacturers of knitted fabrics in Ukraine. Approximately 26 tones of knitted fabrics is produced early, sewed goods are produced in the amount of 24 millions pieces a year, and nearly 16 millions of square meters of artificial fur is produced here each year.
Goods, manufactured at our factory are well known in Ukraine during a long period of time and demand for it is growing all the time. The high quality has created the positive image of the factory and helped us to achieve the leader positions among the manufacturers of knitted goods for casual wear and underwear. Producing the best quality is a hard task, that needs a lot of knowledge about the fabrics and a lot of experience in field of producing them, we have to be always there with new qualities, modeling, fashion...
Making clothes of different styles and levels we are always trying to satisfy the highest demands of our customers, that is where our specialists are doing not only their best but sometimes the impossible things, from which many innovations come We are always in time with new technologies and science that is why we are in process of constant renovation of departments and machinery. Machines that are able to produce new kinds of fabrics (with Lycra etc.) are installed.
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Oko tex certificate is prolonged. Oko Tex Standard - 100.
Jul 14, 2005
Oko tex certificate for the goods, manufactured at our factory is prolonged until the end of the year. Factory is always concerned about certification of it's products. Oko - tex standard 100 - is a worldwide known mark, certifying textile goods, that have undergone inspections for harmful substances.
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