Goods that are the basis of any wardrobe - are the beautifully designed clothes of high quality. And this is exactly what our factory is producing. We are mainly focused on leisure and home wear, that creates the image, surrounds you with comfort no matter who and where you are. The assortment, offered by our factory is not just a number of articles, it is a very affordable offer on very competitive conditions for any enterprise. Our clothes is for home and outdoor activities, it helps you feel nice in any situation, it suits not only adults but little children also admire it. We really think that it is a great assortment for any department store.
JSC Knitting factory Rosa is the biggest manufacturer of knitted fabrics in Ukraine. Production of knitted fabrics constitutes the huge percent of goods, sold by the factory.
At present the collection of fabrics at the factory outnumber 250 samples of knitted goods with different structures and color decisions, which is really able to impress the demand of the most versed buyer.

Finishing equipment is represented by machines of Santex (Switzerland), Textima (Germany), Elitex (Check republic) and lets us achieve the low shrinkage final trimming of all kinds of fabrics. All the above mentioned lets us produce more than 3 million tones of different kinds of knitted fabric a year. All fabrics are certified and have passed the hygienic control.
Warp knitting department is equipped with the high quality machinery of 'Textima' (Germany) for producing plain and brushed fabrics and fabrics for technical uses from cotton and synthetic fibers. Warp knitting department includes the machinery of western European countries such as 'Jumberca' (Spain), 'Orizio' (Italy), 'Textima' (Germany) for producing of fabrics from cotton and synthetic fibers of different textures. Using the varied machinery of different classes the factory can produce the following range of fabrics.
jersey - mass 105-170 gr./sq.m
plush (terry) mass 200-370 gr/sq.m
fleece (brushed fabrics) mass 200-380 gr/sq.m
rib fabrics mass 150-220 gr/sq.m
pique (press stitch) mass 230-380 gr/sq.m
Dyeing department, that uses ejector machines for dyeing of fabrics by Thies (Switzerland), printing equipment for making prints on fabrics by Zimmer, dyestuffs and auxiliaries by well known 'Ciba', 'BASF', 'Clariant' let us ensure the high production quality.
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Oko tex certificate is prolonged. Oko Tex Standard - 100.
Jul 14, 2005
Oko tex certificate for the goods, manufactured at our factory is prolonged until the end of the year. Factory is always concerned about certification of it's products. Oko - tex standard 100 - is a worldwide known mark, certifying textile goods, that have undergone inspections for harmful substances.
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